Heavy Hearted Sunset
Heavy Hearted Sunset

Heavy Hearted Sunset

$700.00 - $5,800.00


Sunsets on the Northern West Coast shoreline seem to have an extra depth... perhaps something about the moisture in the air, or maybe it's the intensely cold water only found in that area, but what ever it is some how the clouds just seem to hover in this heavy hearted way you can't see anywhere else.

Captured in Humboldt County, California - October 2019 on 120m film using a Fuji GW 6x9



9x6 - Limited Edition of 100

24x16 - Limited Edition of 75 

48x32 - Limited Edition of 50



"California Views"


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  • PRINT: 24x16
    PAGE: 28x20
  • PRINT: 48x32
    PAGE: 52x36
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