The Vase
The Vase

The Vase

$700.00 - $5,800.00


The Vase showcases the beauty of a sunrise in Porto, Portugal. Stone steps lead down to a tranquil sea shore, at their base sits a delicately carved limestone vase. This elegant piece, with its vibrant pastel colors, allows you to rest your eyes and be transported to the sea.  

Captured in Porto, Portugal - December 2020 on 120m film using a Hasselblad 501cm.



9x9 - Limited Edition of 100

24x24 - Limited Edition of 75 

48x48 - Limited Edition of 50



“Portugal Views”


  • PRINT: 9x9
    PAGE: 13x19
  • PRINT: 24x24
    PAGE: 28x28
  • PRINT: 48x48
    PAGE: 52x52
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